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Re-keying and master keying

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Rekeying locks and master keying makes your Tampa bay area home or business safer.

Why Rekey a Lock?
If you have purchased a home or commercial property, don’t make the mistake of continuing to use old locks. Past residents, tradesmen, friends, and other strangers may possess copies of the old keys and the way to prevent them from accessing your new property is to have your locks rekeyed. Rekeying simply means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only your new keys can open it. It’s a small effort with real power to protect you.

Why Do You Need Master Keying?
Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open one lock. Master keying regulates access to specific zones while having one master key that accesses all zones. We supply master keys for all buildings such as hospitals, office buildings and residences in which there are a number of compatible locks. AAA Lock and Key has designed more master key systems than any other company in Tampa.

Straight Talk About Rekeying and Master Keying

Our locksmiths recommend that you ask yourself these four important security questions before rekeying your locks:

1) Do you know who has keys to your locks?
2) How many people will you be giving keys to?
3) Do you care if those you give keys to can get duplicate keys made?
4) Do you need to know who opens a lock and when?

Your answers to these questions will enable our security specialists to recommend the best procedures and locks for you. Very often, rekeying is the best time to upgrade to higher security, more key control or the flexibility of electronic cylinders.

You’ll be glad to know…

  • AAA Lock and Key can rekey all lock brands
  • Your existing hardware can almost always be reused
  • When we rekey locks, they can generally be keyed alike so that all of the locks work with a single key. Or, they can be keyed into groups with different keys. This is called keyed-alike in groups

Having your locks rekeyed is something you should plan to do in a wide variety of situations. When you buy a new home, move to a new office, or have a new tenant occupy a rental property, rekeying improves the safety of all concerned.

Since 1957, AAA Lock and Key has been helping Tampa bay area neighbors to keep their properties safest with the best security products available. Our lock rekey and master keying services provide the prompt results you need and our licensed contractors are ready to speak with you!


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